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Ball Valves

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Ball Valves
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Ball Valves

Flolok ball valves offer quarter-turn shut offer for medium-pressure instrument and process applications. High-pressure valves use a unique trunnion ball design for high-cycle life and low operating torque for alternative fuel applications (ECE-R110 approval).


300 Series Medium Pressure Ball Valves
FloLok® manually operated two-way ball valves provide quick ¼ turn shut-off and directional flow control of fluids in instrumentation and process systems. Valve, body, and seat material options provide a broad range of temperature and pressures at which the valves may be used.


• MAWP: up to 5000 psig
• Temperature Range: -40° to 350° F
• Orifice sizes: 0.09 to 0.44 in.
• Two- and three-way designs
• Wide variety of body seat and packing materials
• End Connections:Duolok, Unilok, or Griplok tube fitting, TruFit pipe fittings end connections
• End Connection Sizes up to 3/4 in.


• Directional handle indicates flow directio
• Panel mountable
• Quarter-turn actuation
• Choice of Duolok®, Unilok®, Griplok® tube fittings and TruFit® NPT pipe end connections
• Micro finished ball provides positive seal
• Free floating ball design provides compensation for flow and pressure changes for repetitive sealing
• Blow-out proof ball & stem
• Available in 316 Stainless Steel and Brass



83 Series High-Pressure Ball Valves
83 Series ball valves feature a blow-out proof bottom-loaded stem and trunnion-style ball for high cycle-life, low actuation-torque and safety making the a great option for alternative fuel and instrumentation applications.


• MAWP: up to 6000 psig
• Temperature Range: -40° to 425° F
• Orifice size: 0.19 in.
• Two- and three-way designs
• Straight- and angle-patterns
• Seat Material: Viton, Kel-F and Nitrile
• Body Material: 316 Stainless steel, Alloy 400, UNS N10276
• End Connections: Duolok, Unilok, Griplok tube fittings, TruFit pipe fittings
• End Connection Sizes: Up to ¾ in.

• Compact, low operating torque
• 2 or 3 way fl ow patterns
• Every SSP ball valve is factory tested at 1000 psig (60 bar) with nitrogen for both seat and shell leakage.
• 1/8 to 1/2 inch and 6 to 12mm tube fitting or NPT end connections
• Blow-out resistant ball and stem design
• Optional Low Temperature Service
• Ideal for Critical Applications including Natural Gas Systems.